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State of Texas Individual Profile Form

This form is to be used by State of Texas employees. If you are not a State of Texas employee, please use this form instead.

Profile submissions are transmitted directly to a secure server for the National Travel Profiles Team to access. All profiles are worked in the order received. Please be aware that it may take up to one business day for the profile information to be updated or a new profile built. If a travel reservation needs to be made on the same day that the profile is submitted, please make sure that the NTS agent processing your travel request is aware, so that he/she can contact the Profiles Team to expedite the profile build/update for you.

New or Modification?
Traveler Information Enter full name, gender, and date of birth as listed on the ID traveler will present at the airport. This information is required by the TSA. If traveler does not have a middle name, please enter N/A in the Traveler's Middle Name field.
(If applicable) Required by TSA
(If applicable)
(If applicable)
Required by TSA
Required by TSA

State Agency Information
As applicable
As applicable
As applicable

If you have an individual state-issued credit card, please fill out this section (optional):

Air Information

If you have any frequent flyer memberships, please enter them below.

Hotel Information
If you have any hotel club memberships, please enter them below.

Please indicate a credit card number to be used to guarantee hotel rooms:

Car Rental Information

If you have any car rental club memberships, please enter them below.

Passport Information Required for booking international reservations

Additional Information

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Information Regarding the Traveler's Name

The name entered on the first three blanks of this form will be the name on all airline tickets and reservations unless you indicate otherwise at time of booking. There are many reasons to to keep your name consistent across all documents:
  • If you use e-tickets, the name on the ticket must match your personal ID.
  • On international flights, the name on the ticket must match the name on the passport.
  • Many frequent flyer programs require the name on the ticket to match the name on the account for points to be awarded.

After Hours Assistance

We are requesting a home phone number in order to advise you of flight cancellations. However, if you choose not to give a home number, it will not be noted in your profile.

Privacy Policy

National Travel Systems does not sell personal information to any third party.

Thank you for your business!