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National Travel Systems (NTS) is a full service travel agency that offers State of Texas Travel Agency Services contract participants the following services and online tools: agency assisted travel reservations; a "touchless" online booking engine; meeting and event planning and management; online meeting and event registration software; video services; travel reporting; reconciliation tools; and ticket tracking. NTS services and online tools are available for use 24/7.


Booking & Profiles

Email/Phone Travel Request
Full service option through email to request reservations. Transaction fee: $12.79 for domestic air, $22.99 for international air - credit card form of payment only. For check form of payment, please request a quote from your agent.

Group Air Form - 10 or more travelers on the same flight
For 10 or more travelers, the group air form is an easy way to make an air request for your large group.

Online Booking Tool Service Option (Certify)
The Certify booking engine is a fully touchless online travel reservations system which allows travelers and/or travel coordinators to fully book, approve, and finalize reservations within the online system without assistance from an NTS travel agent. Current Users: Contact your agency site administrator for login details. New Agency/Entity Users: Site administrators that wish to utilize the system for their agency or entity should email NTS. Transaction fee: $6.50

Online Booking Tool Service Option (Concur)
National Travel offers Concur Travel and Expense reporting solutions. For more information, please contact .

Individual Profile Form
If you are a frequent traveler and wish to have your information, such as-frequent flyer numbers, seat preferences, hotel and car preferences, on file with us please use this form to have your Individual Profile created.

State Agency/Participating Entity Profile Form
If you are the travel coordinator for your agency, Coop member, or university and you need to have your entity information on file with National Travel Systems, please use this form to have your Agency Profile created.

Itinerary Retrieval System
Look up and print invoices and itineraries through our easy online tool.

Contact Information


Your State Travel Team
Binke Jenkins - Irma Garza - Dionne Hills - Jenny Maloney - Brent Landry - Soren Palmquist - Mark Rizzo - Kimberly Swezey - Kim Quigley

Monday-Friday, 8:00-5:00 Central

After Hours
In case of an emergency during out-of-business hours, please call 1-800-542-0452 and identify yourself as a traveler. Have your Agency ID (3 number Agency ID or Division number if you are with the Department of Transportation) ready so the reservationist can pull up your profile.

NTS follows the State of Texas holiday calendar.

Did You Know

...that if you book a car and hotel reservation at the same time as air there's no additional fee? And, if you book only a car, there also is no fee.


Online Booking Tool Survey
To better improve our service to you, please take this opportunity to complete this survey about our online reservation tool.

State Travel Feedback Form
Please use our feedback form to communicate any problems or experiences encountered during travel. Upon submission, this form will be sent via email to the assigned NTS account executive and the support team. A review of the issue or communication will take place, and timely problem resolution will be provided to you.

You can get a quote and purchase travel insurance online through our customized link.

If you're a member of Medjet and hospitalized far from home, Medjet will pay the transport costs to bring you to the home hospital of your choice.


TSA Regulations - Please note that per TSA Regulations, our agency must gather and enter the following information into all airline tickets: Full Passenger Name that matches Government Issued ID, Gender, and Date of Birth. Many of the airlines will not allow us to ticket without this information. (Privacy Notice - Read more about why we have to gather this information.)